How to copy all the website content without read more

Disable read more while copy website content

How to copy all the website content, some websites are not allowing this now.
In some websites while copy paste website content then paste only a small portion of the content with read more and website link. If you need to copy all the website content then this trick is for you.
Here is the steps to copy all website content
  1. open up mozilla browser

  2. copy paste following on browser address area
    click on I accept the risk button

  3. Now search for dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled

  4. Double click on the key (set it to false)

  5. If you are getting screen like above then you are done.

Now visit any website and copy all the contents what you want :)

Technical details:

System using a small memory to use copy paste action .This memory is called clipboard.When you copy anything then that content will store in clipboard. When you paste then CLIPBOARD content will come up where your cursor located .
Some websites accessing your clipboard and overlapping your copy action .thats why we getting only a part of the copy content , read more and website link. By using above method we disabled cliboard access permission.Yes you have disabled the clipboard events and no one will touch your clipboard again.

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