How to add another photo to an existing facebook post ?

How to add another photo to an existing post or page post or existing photos ?

Normally can't add new photo to existing post.Now there is a way to add a new photo to a status update
Please follow these steps to add a picture to a post once you posted it

1.Open facebook in a web browser on your smart phone. I suggest default mobile browser

2.Go to the post

3.Click the down arrow to the right of the post's name,It gives you a list of options

4.Choose Add photos

5.Select photo and click on POST button provided in right-top corner. Done!

Currently this option is not available in android/iphone app or PC browser .That's why I posted it here

I have tested this in my Samsung Galaxy S3 and this trick is working fine

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  1. Thanks, that works pretty well

  2. The author fails to not that this ONLY works if you are editing an existing post which contains photos already. If the original post did not contain any photos, the "add photo" option does not appear.


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