Set shortcut key for applications

Now we can open any application with a keyboard shortcut .Set shortcut keys for your most used applications in windows. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts to open your most used programs.There is no need of any third party applications.

Follow the steps

1. Locate the desired application which you want to assign keyboard shortcut .
2. Right click on the application and select properties
3. Assign a shortcut in the "shortcut key" field to open the application [For example :Type 1 on this "shortcut key" field , then Ctrl+Alt+ 1 will show up as your shortcut key.]
4. Click "Apply " button after assigning the shortcut.
5. Now open the application by using the keyboard shortcut. [ Try Ctrl+Alt+ 1 then your application will open up ]

I have done this idea in windows 7 Operating system

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