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How to Write or Create a PDF File?.Very simple ,Just download this Free software. 
Why I suggest this -Features
-Simple Text to PDF Convertor
-This is one completely free and simple PDF editing and creating software,
-it can help you to create your pdf documents by yourself in minutes, no need any complex setting and knowledge  about PDF format,
-Handy and easy to use very much, specially for beginners.
The main interface of Free PDF Editor is simple and easy to understand, it is one WYSIWYG PDF builder, what you see is what you get, and you can insert text, image and shape, then drop, resize and move these PDF elements with your mouse.
-Not need install any Acrobat software, such as PDF Reader, PDF Writer; not need install a visual pdf printer; not need install, all of this software is a stand alone execute file, you can it to your Flash USB
disks, and run it anywhere as you like.

How to use this software-Some useful tips

How to edit PDF File(Click the toolbar button or Select it from Main Menu)
Inert Text-The "Inert Text" is used to insert Text content to PDF documents.
Insert Image-Using "Insert Image", you can insert your photos and images into PDF documents.
Insert Rectangle-You can use "Insert Rectangle" and "Insert Ellipse" to add some shapes in your PDF

How to create PDF File
 Create PDF-After all your design completed, click the button "Create PDF".
Add New Page-You can click "Add Page" button to add more PDF page.
Delete Page-click "Delete Page" to remove current PDF page (the first page cannot be removed).

Customize PDF File
You can change the properties of your PDF files. Each PDF page can define different page width and
page height, margin bottom, margin top, margin left and margin right. The default PDF page size is A4
paper size (210 x 297 mm).Free PDF Editor use one XML file to save all details about your PDF files, the file extension is ".fpe",You can save and backup these (.fpe) files for your next time use. 

Note:This software can't open an existing pdf file, it is one freeware for creating one PDF files.

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  1. The PDF to text conversion of Foxit PDF Reader is very good, just choose "save as" and then "txt" as the file format. I believe its conversion is better than many other tools available.
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  2. It is an appropriate free alternative to Adobe Acrobat writer . thanks for sharing

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